This page is for the display of tidbits and info about The Seeker's Burden series

I believe providing every little smidge of information, while a testament to the author, does not allow the reader to experience the story in a personal way. In light of that, I tried to leave slivers of “white space” that the reader has the opportunity to fill with their own ideas, concepts, and memories. In that way, I invite the reader to become an active part of the journey.
— Mark E. Lein

Ti-Island People Groups

ASTAR: The self-proclaimed rulers of the Tri-Is­lands, they are descendants of the original human races to first to come from across the Beryl Sea. The current ruling family traces their lineage back over many centuries. They take great pride in being “pure blood”, a term used to raise them above the common man. They are primarily a militant race, placing the art of battle and the path of a warrior higher than anything else.

  • OSKARA: Handpicked knights who fill the cov­eted position of protectors of the land. Unmatched in battle they are looked upon by the Astar people as the backbone of their military might. Lauded as heroes and lords, they are supplied with the best armor and weapons forged in the western hills by the famed goblin blacksmiths. They also act as Astar footmen (common soldiers) troop commanders in time of open war. The three tomes of Oskara aspiration, control, honor, and mastery are the framework of the rigorous training apprentice Oskara go through before being named Knights. Only experienced Oskara Knights who have become skilled in specific tomes are named to be Weapon Masters and are the trainers of new recruits.

SAVOQ: They are believed to be descendants of the Astar, though hundreds of years have eroded much of the written histories of that time. A tribal people, the Savoq are a nomadic group located in the arid plateau to the South of Lake Solari. Predominantly arid with scrub brush, the landscape necessitates the constant moving of villages between water sources. The environment dictates their use of layered clothing and flowing robes to negate the heat and wind. The Savoq are known as expert horsemen and they put a high level of importance on the number and quality of their steeds. They are a warring people and many long term blood feuds exist between the three main Savoq tribes, the Nightsong, Redblade, and the Desertfoxes. Water sources are the primary reason for conflict, though their prized horses and their breeders are cause for some of it. The Savoq are believers in the spirit world, worshiping what they cannot see. It is understood that a good life leads to a good afterlife and there is a focus on pleasing the gods they serve. Shamans and Elders hold the power among the Savoq. These men and women are called Tazam, meaning Superior or Elder.

SEEKERS: Famed scholars of the study of solar generated power, they revere science, delving into the fabric of nature in their attempts to understand and harness forms of energy. Historically they have provided limited support to the closely relat­ed Astar during past wars across the islands. Their mastery of science and the machines they create are coveted by all, though most are kept secret. They are a reclusive group who rarely leave the sun fire citadel located on an island in the middle of Lake Solari.

GOBLINS: Rock dwellers that inhabit the hill country in the west, they are a peaceful people that have never willingly entered into the arguments and wars of other nations. Faces blunt with little expression, gray pale skin from cave living, Gob­lins are short, with the average standing 4.5-5 feet tall. Their height is balanced by their great strength, capable of crushing rock and carrying impossibly heavy loads great distances. They have long arms, heavily muscled, with coarse black braided hair.

ASH: Little is known of the folk believed to inhabit the mountains of Shadowmyst Island west of the mainland. A few vague tales of feline creatures that live in the trees have been handed down by word of mouth in the more rural villages. The majority of the population of the Tri-Islands believes they are a myth.

KHYRASK: Even less is known of these creatures. There are several castes in this race. Each separate task or need had been taken into account during breeding, resulting in differing shapes and sizes. Lumbering giants, lithe and fast raiders, the devious mystics, and the bulk of the race were the large black armored warriors. There are others that seem to be controlling the Khyrask.

He had the unsettling feeling that the mountains were not quite stable, balancing as they vied for first place
— An Emerging Threat (Oliver)
Final Series Map

Final Series Map

a gleam of fire glittered within its deep-set eyes as it uttered a command in a strange rasping tongue
— An Emerging Threat