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Review of The High Druid's Blade - by Terry Brooks

As a lover of all things Terry Brooks (minus the High Druid Series) I was excited to sink my teeth into another series from the Author. Sadly, I did not once feel any investment in the basic storyline. I am used to the more sweeping epics Brooks captivated me with in the past, and this reads like a simple and generic tale of a Young Man discovering a power and becoming a part of something larger, though not world spanning by any means.

Even the cadence of writing and the quality seemed to be for the younger reader, and maybe that was the point, to draw in new readers at a younger age. Though if that was the case, then the parts with the horrendous acts of brutality against the protagonists sister do not fit the target age.

I may or may not read the next in the Defenders series but my love for the old Shannara and Magic Kingdom for Sale books will always remain.

Reviewed on 31 July 2014

Review of A Game of Thrones - by George R.R. Martin

While it was very difficult to get into due to the crazy amount of characters and information thrown at you in the beginning, the book was very good and kept me riveted the whole time. The only parts that pulled me out of the immensely enjoyable and complicated story was the r-rated comments and scenes. Without those this book would have been one of my all-time favorites.

Even so, it has pulled me into the world of R.R. Martin and leaves me wanting, no, needing more.

Reviewed on 7 April 2014

Review of The Rage Within - by B.R. Crichton

I give it a 3.5 out of 5. The Rage Within is a book full of unique creatures and the main character's (Kellan) "flaw" is intriguing. The story was a good one that kept my attention throughout. While some cliches were in play regarding main characters, the brooding protagonist, the great and selfless friend, and a band of comic and harsh misfits they were done well and did not distract from the enjoyment. 

Some of the enemies were very well done and I enjoyed many of the fight scenes. The only true negative, other than the minor typos here and there, was the story flow. The book's chapter flow between the Kellan of now and the Kellan as a child and his journey to adulthood. While the idea was good, to have two timelines that converge over time, it was a bit confusing at times.

Overall, I enjoyed the book and would definitely read more from the author. I recommend to fantasy readers that like detail, a strong story path, and a likable but dark protagonist

Reviewed on 3 June 2014

Review of The Suicide Squad - by T.J. Waters

The Suicide Squad starts with a bang and continuously reads like a Borne movie. While the action was good and descriptive and the case work interesting, my favorite part was learning the background of the struggles of power in Ecuador. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a good quick picture into the world of spies that will leave you looking for book of the series!

Reviewed on 20 January 2014

Review of The Sword of Shannara - by Terry Brooks

Terry Brooks first Shannara Novel is in my top ten books of all time. I have read it at least 8 times. The story is classic High Fantasy with unprepared heroes thrust into war and chaos with little guidance. Their journey, not only through the wonderful world Terry Brooks weaves, but also through the personal growth of the characters, is amazingly enjoyable. Of all the Shannara books I have read, I always have the foundation of this novel to fall back on to refresh the love I have of the many trilogies. I remember waiting each year for the next book and eagerly anticipate the next installments!

Reviewed on 5 November 2013