At this time I am no longer taking submissions due to new job and other responsibilities. I will post here when I am open to accept more. 

I am an indie author and I know the most important thing for a new novel is to get it reviewed to get the word out. I  am here to help other self-published/indie authors and my reviews are free and will be honest with a emphasis on the positives and pointing out the audience that would enjoy the books. I am also interested in posting guest blog posts on my site. All I ask is for you to help me publicize this site. Use the contact form here to request a review or other opportunities to promote your work.

(Shout out: Thank you to the great folks at The Indie View and their list of reviewers that helps connect authors and reviewers)

The preferred format for books is ePub as I use the Kindle App for reading. The following are the specific genres that I am interested in reviewing/have the most experience with:

  • Fantasy (Most of my reading - and writing - in this genre has been High/Epic Fantasy)
  • Science Fiction (Isaac Asimov, iRobot, Jack McDevitt, Ender's Game, etc)

I will not accept review requests for the following genres:

  • Romance
  • Erotica 
  • Non-Fiction
  • Paranormal (I am willing to discuss)
  • And please no books with heavy use of foul language

Please use the contact form here to send your review request and include a summary of your book, a link to your amazon/goodreads/webpage. I retain the right to reject based on interest or workload.

Once the review is ready, I will send the author a preview email in case they do not wish the review to become public. Once approved, (I will only be willing to make the following changes: correcting spellings mistakes, character names, etc) I will post, at a minimum, on this site, and

Feel free to ask any questions and I look forward to reading and promoting your novels!