Creating Social Landscapes for Novels

Many, you might say most novels have ties to the real world; framing current or past social problems in another time and place. Sometimes the authors mean to make those ties while others writing is dissected by the reader. Personally, my novels were written with such things in mind.

The Astarian Humans are a mix of all aspects of a society. From the villagers that work the earth and sell their goods for next to nothing in the city, the city folk that are detached from the rest of the world, and the political classes that take care of the nobility and feel entitled to the abundance they control. At all levels there are those that are good and honest fighting to keep Astar afloat.

The Goblin race is a shunned and set apart race from the larger human population though their goods and craftsmen are coveted. They are objects of derision and are thought to be slow intellectually. In truth, the Goblin race is one of wisdom and well thought out action.

The Ash are feared as much as they are unknown and misunderstood. They are the things of myth and tall tales and have been shaped into demons in the consciousness of the mainland peoples. Living apart from the main Island, they are an enigma. Tenders of creation they are a peaceful race with a streak of powerful anger fueled by their history.

The Savoq are a tribal race that most consider savages living with the basest level of social function. They are perceived to be war mongering rabble that only live to fight with no hope of any real change. The truth is much more complicated and their moral code has much to be coveted.

The Seeker’s are human academics that hole themselves away to “better the world” through learning and science. They do not understand the world as it is and are content to live in their bubble of scientific progress. Skilled in thought and working with their hands, their passion to utilize nature’s own power for good is commendable.

It was fascinating to build the different races and attempt to bring some light to misunderstood people groups. If one truly wants to change their view of a people group, they must try to understand and appreciate them.