Review of Kill It with Magic - by Jason Cipriano

I gave this novel 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads!

Lillim Callina is a Dioscuri who has lived through several lifetimes due to reincarnation. She has recently run from her past and all her kind are responsible for: the protection of humanity from the demons, vampires, werewolves, and other baddies that roam the earth. Her peace is soon shattered and is thrown (quite literally at times) from conflict to battle to conflict in her journey to find and destroy an enemy of immense power. Along the way, she bumps into old friends and new acquaintances as she forges towards her ever-evolving goals.

Some of the old friends are more than what they seem and the twists and turns are entertaining and keep the reader invested in turning pages. The writing was very well done and the tone was just about perfect with the balance of humor.

I had a couple minor complaints. The main one was the lack of interaction between the regular humans and the mostly unseen alternate reality that Lillim lived in. It would have been interesting to see a bit more but not a big deal. The overall pace of the book was almost (but not) too much, there was hardly any time to breathe and see the world through any lens but that of the protagonist fighting. Then there were some minor spelling mistakes that did not pull me from the story enough to be a problem.

Overall, Kill It with Magic was an entertaining whirlwind of humor and chaotic battles set in excellently described surroundings. It was one of those books that are hard to put down due to furious pace and strong, immersive writing. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys Urban Fantasy and want a breath of fresh air by way of adding humor to a dark world. It was a very entertaining book to read and I look forward to more from Jason Cipriano!

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