Review of The High Druid's Blade - by Terry Brooks

I gave this book 3 out of 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads.

As a lover of all things Terry Brooks (minus the High Druid Series) I was excited to sink my teeth into another series from the Author. Sadly, I did not once feel any investment in the basic storyline. I am used to the more sweeping epics Brooks captivated me with in the past, and this reads like a simple and generic tale of a Young Man discovering a power and becoming a part of something larger, though not world spanning by any means.

Even the cadence of writing and the quality seemed to be for the younger reader, and maybe that was the point, to draw in new readers at a younger age. Though if that was the case, then the parts with the horrendous acts of brutality against the protagonists sister do not fit the target age.

I may or may not read the next in the Defenders series but my love for the old Shannara and Magic Kingdom for Sale books will always remain.

See more about the author at his website here.